Proposal for Applied Period, Internship, Bachelor thesis and Master thesis:

Examples of topics:
Ecology (food production, soil, water, trees interaction):
  • Impact of organic farming on crop productivity
  • Organic farming and drought tolerance (e.g. impact on soil moisture)
  • Optimal spacing of Macadamia trees
  • Root development of planted Macadamia - and Avocado trees
  • Impact of agroforestry on food productivity and ecological parameters
  • Food safety and environmental health
  • Relationship between agro-biodiversity and household nutrition
  • Income structure of organic farms (case studies)
  • Agro-enterprise development
  • Value chain studies
  • Agricultural finance
  • Market development dynamics
  • Synergies and tradeoff in food production and farm forestry
Social aspects:
  • Age structure of farmers and future perspectives of small-scale farming
  • Perception and adoption of agroecology

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